About Project:

The Interethnic Museum of the Hârtibaciu Valley

A central objective for every trip we make in Hârtibaciu Valley area is the The Interethnic Museum from Alțâna.
The local ethnographic collection has in excess of 1000 objects, amassed over the course of 12 years from 25 different settlements, from all over the Hârtibaciu Valley. It brilliantly succeeds at bringing together the most relevant cultural assets of Romanian, Hungarian, Saxons and Roma ethnic groups. This impressive collection grows constantly thanks to donations and acquisitions and it includes everything from traditional costumes and furniture to ceramics, religious objects and folk technique.

The person who owns the museum is also a knowledgeable and dedicated guide, who is fully committed to the traditional village in this region. In addition to the Museum collection, you will have a chance at expanding your knowledge about the traditional houses made exclusively from natural materials. There is no shortage of programs aimed at reopening the manufacturing centers, where traditional bricks and tiles are produced.
The key to succeed in this line of work is reteaching the local people how to maintain and repair the traditional houses. This is the cornerstone of most of the existing projects and many of them are already underway, which explains the unbridled enthusiasm of people who got involved and already get to witness the progress made.


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